Word Craze Level 104

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Word Craze 104

  • Lightweight disk tossed between people or to dogs : FRISBEE

  • Clothes to cover up the body after taking a shower : BATHROBE

  • Well-known companion of a witch, often a cat : FAMILIAR

  • A professional who ejects unruly customers, esp. from a bar or club : BOUNCER

  • What is this text that might appear onscreen? : SUBTITLE

  • Mechanism that operates without manual input : AUTOMATIC

  • Object that allows one to peer into space : TELESCOPE

  • Carrying or passing the ball into the end zone in American Football; worth 6-points : TOUCHDOWN

  • Mythical city of gold, supposedly in South America : ELDORADO

  • In "Cinderella", the fairy godmother transformed a pumpkin in this type of vehicle : CARRIAGE

  • Ash replaces one of his hands with this weapon in "Evil Dead" : CHAINSAW

  • Craft of making items out of clay : POTTERY

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