Word Craze Level 110

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Word Craze 110

  • What is this style of tournament? : ROUNDROBIN

  • Unintentional failure to notice something : OVERSIGHT

  • What is this illusionary act? : MAGICTRICK

  • An __________ speech is given by someone receiving an award : ACCEPTANCE

  • The singer pictured is the lead singer of The ________ Stones : ROLLING

  • Freddy Krueger causes these at night : NIGHTMARES

  • To speed up a recording, usually to skip the commercials : FASTFORWARD

  • A person with this can't help blabbing about secrets : BIGMOUTH

  • A scientific procedure for testing or proving an idea : EXPERIMENT

  • What kind of spiky rodent is this? : PORCUPINE

  • A witch may use one of these to fly : BROOMSTICK

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