Word Craze Level 117

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Word Craze 117

  • : PURR

  • [Amend] ___ of heart; uncontaminated : PURE

  • [Amend] Where many women keep their wallets and other supplies for quick access : PURSE

  • [Anagram] "_____ Size Me" 2004 documentary featuring a size at McDonald's that's bigger than large : SUPER

  • [Relational] Wonder _____ is a #4 hero : WOMAN

  • [Morph] Remove #5's "sound of surprise" to get "a different gender" : MAN

  • [Relational] A young male who has yet to become a #6 : BOY

  • [Morph] Add the animal that gives us beef to #7 to get an old-fashioned horse-rider : COWBOY

  • [Relational] A rope used by a #8 to catch cattle : LASSO

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