Word Craze Level 118

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Word Craze 118

  • Something that literally cannot be done is this : IMPOSSIBLE

  • What brand of soft drink is this? : DRPEPPER

  • Professional who helps people deal with emotional problems by talking with them : THERAPIST

  • To become stronger and fitter, for example, by working out : GETINSHAPE

  • Fairy tale villain who huffs and puffs : BIGBADWOLF

  • What is this phrase for a group of experts? : THINKTANK

  • This gets passed around on karaoke night : MICROPHONE

  • Obsolete data storage; the "save" icon is modeled after this : FLOPPYDISK

  • This writer is well known for his work "Game __ ______" : OFTHRONES

  • A great joke can leave you like this : INSTITCHES

  • Describes twins that look exactly the same : IDENTICAL

  • Severe headaches, often recurring and accompanied by nausea : MIGRAINES

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