Word Craze Level 120

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Word Craze 120

  • Art of pretending to be someone else : ACTING

  • The largest mammals on planet Earth : WHALES

  • "Thelma & ______" is a 1991 crime adventure by Ridley Scott : LOUISE

  • A type of metal pot used to boil water : KETTLE

  • These attachments help straighten your teeth : BRACES

  • Baby's way of conveying hunger, boredom, tiredness, pain, etc. : CRYING

  • What is this candy? : GUMBALL

  • US comedy magic team working since the late 70s, Penn &______ : TELLER

  • The oldest university in the UK, established in 1096 : OXFORD

  • What material is this bag made of? : PLASTIC

  • ______ Mandela, revolutionary and former president of South Africa : NELSON

  • The A in the US labor union SAG : ACTORS

  • The protector of Gotham City : BATMAN

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