Word Craze Level 128

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Word Craze 128

  • Type of one-room apartment : STUDIO

  • What speedy African feline has this pattern? : CHEETAH

  • A measure of how tall something is : HEIGHT

  • Expression; "__ ____ as a cucumber" means able to stay calm under pressure : ASCOOL

  • To ambitiously seek a goal : ASPIRE

  • Snakes use these sharp teeth to inject venom : FANGS

  • A standing grapple; not allowed to be held for too long in boxing : CLINCH

  • What is the last name of this Harley Quinn actress? : ROBBIE

  • A perfume marketed at men; originated in a German city of the same name : COLOGNE

  • Organizations of workers designed to protect and further their rights : UNIONS

  • A person who likes to walk trails through nature : HIKER

  • "______ dipping" is the term for nude swimming : SKINNY

  • What kind of company does this represent? : AIRLINE

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