Word Craze Level 140

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Word Craze 140

  • Small block of frozen water : ICECUBE

  • #1 is a rapper who gained fame from his lyrics on "Straight Outta _____" : COMPTON

  • The foot soldiers of an army : INFANTRY

  • Knife affixed to the muzzle of a rifle; sometimes used by #3 : BAYONET

  • What is this accessory? : CHOKER

  • This hoppy marsupial keeps its young close : KANGAROO

  • #6 is an animal from this continent : AUSTRALIA

  • XOXO means hugs and ______ : KISSES

  • The chocolate company that makes #8 : HERSHEYS

  • In "Taken", Liam ______ plays a retired CIA operative : NEESON

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