Word Craze Level 155

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Word Craze 155

  • When there are too many callers, they might temporarily put you __ ____ : ONHOLD

  • Team sport played on ice; players try to hit a puck into the goal : HOCKEY

  • What type of nuts are these? : ALMONDS

  • Outdoor meals in a basket; watch out for ants! : PICNICS

  • The fabled reindeer with a special nose : RUDOLPH

  • What is this extinct animal? : MAMMOTH

  • Shelled sea creature sometimes found on the rim of a cocktail glass : SHRIMP

  • What is this imitator? : COPYCAT

  • Cyclists move these with their feet to go forward : PEDALS

  • Small, round and flat baked treat; may include other ingredients such as chocolate chips : COOKIE

  • An actor's dialogue and directions are written in this : SCRIPT

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