Word Craze Level 157

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Word Craze 157

  • Mischievous Irish sprite covered in green : LEPRECHAUN

  • It's said that a #1 keeps a ___ __ ____ hidden at the end of the rainbow : POTOFGOLD

  • Serena ________, U.S. tennis player with 23 Grand Slam single titles : WILLIAMS

  • "Mrs. ________", 1993 comedy starring Robin #3 posing as his own children's maid : DOUBTFIRE

  • "______ __ __" starring Judy Garland as Dorothy from Kansas : WIZARDOFOZ

  • Character from #5 who was looking for a brain : SCARECROW

  • What aircraft is this landing pad designed for? : HELICOPTER

  • What is this expression meaning something unlikely? : PIEINTHESKY

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