Word Craze Level 176

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Word Craze 176

  • After a coupon does this, you can no longer use it : EXPIRES

  • Who is this figure from Greek mythology? : ICARUS

  • A type of lollipop that has gum inside : BLOWPOP

  • Eight-legged arthropod, typically living in webs that they create : SPIDER

  • What is this semi-formal attire? : TUXEDO

  • Free from disturbance; at peace : TRANQUIL

  • First name of Harry Potter's godfather : SIRIUS

  • The "Last ______" is Leonardo da Vinci's most famous mural painting : SUPPER

  • What does this luggage tag denote? : FRAGILE

  • When a decision cannot be reached in court : HUNGJURY

  • Small circular object used to fasten clothes : BUTTON

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