Word Craze Level 184

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Word Craze 184

  • They can be run-ons or fragments, but they all end with punctuation : SENTENCES

  • Punctuation used in place of a period to indicate that two #1 are related : SEMICOLON

  • What is this aquatic vessel? : STEAMBOAT

  • Major California city and naval base south of LA and north of Tijuana : SANDIEGO

  • "The ____ _____“ is the "Jurassic Park" sequel that brings T-Rex to #4 : LOSTWORLD

  • Basically anything with a slice of bread on the top and bottom : SANDWICH

  • Popular #6 originating from Philadelphia : CHEESESTEAK

  • A common "weapon" for children in winter : SNOWBALL

  • It takes tens of thousands of these unique ice crystals to create a #8 : SNOWFLAKES

  • Unintentional occurrences : ACCIDENTS

  • Testing mannequin used to measure human injury during simulated car #10 : CRASHDUMMY

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