Word Craze Level 192

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Word Craze 192

  • A PhD or an MD is this kind of college degree : DOCTORATE

  • A kitchen utensil used to separate liquids from solids : STRAINER

  • What is this isolating term? : ALIENATE

  • Without delay; immediately : INSTANTLY

  • Painful inflammation and stiffness of joints : ARTHRITIS

  • Assurances that one will do something; sometimes broken : PROMISES

  • What do you call these sandy places? : DESERTS

  • Department of a business that deals with product promotion and pricing : MARKETING

  • Steven Spielberg's 1977 sci-fi film, "Close Encounters of the _____ ____" : THIRDKIND

  • Gymnastic performer that swings from a short horizontal bar hung from ropes : TRAPEZIST

  • The incandescent light bulb was Edison's _______ : INVENTION

  • What is this type of story? : TALLTALE

  • An injury where a joint is pushed out of position : DISLOCATE

  • Widely known for negative reasons; infamous : NOTORIOUS

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