Word Craze Level 200

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Word Craze 200

  • Small metal clip for keeping hair in place : BOBBYPIN

  • What is this expressionless form of speech? : DEADPAN

  • Computer equipment used to get letters onto the screen : KEYBOARD

  • Hairy tropical fruit used for both its milk and oil : COCONUT

  • "Make him __ _____ he can't refuse" : ANOFFER

  • The union between two people until "death do us part" : MARRIAGE

  • A way to use currency to choose between two options : COINFLIP

  • Remarkable or important; worth paying attention to : NOTABLE

  • The largest bird on Earth; one of their eggs makes 24 omelets : OSTRICH

  • Professional who handles payments and receipts in a grocery store : CASHIER

  • "_____ is golden"; sometimes it's wise to say nothing : SILENCE

  • What is missing from this picture? : KNIGHTS

  • To try to achieve something : ATTEMPT

  • Military raid or attack : ASSAULT

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