Word Craze Level 216

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Word Craze 216

  • Which country's alphabet are these letters from? : GREECE

  • In Arabian folklore, these mystical creatures live in a lamp and grant wishes : GENIES

  • Ticket price for a flight : AIRFARE

  • To admit to committing a crime or wrongdoing : CONFESS

  • Dante's ____, first part of his Divine Comedy : INFERNO

  • Party prop filled with helium or air : BALLOON

  • Each element of the periodic table has a different ______ number : ATOMIC

  • A specialized chair found in most bathrooms : TOILET

  • ______ Questions is a game where players must guess an object with limited questions : TWENTY

  • What is this unfortunate battle result? : DEFEAT

  • The third place finisher will receive this medal : BRONZE

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