Word Craze Level 217

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Word Craze 217

  • : CRATE

  • [Morph] Replace #1's "fed oneself" with "the sound you make when hurt" : CROUCH

  • [Amend] "_____ potato"; someone who stays in front of the TV all day : COUCH

  • [Relational] What you do on a #3 : SIT

  • [Amend] Set ablaze, as with a candle or match : LIT

  • [Amend] "Never gonna tell a ___ and hurt you..." ("Never Gonna Give You Up" lyrics) : LIE

  • [Relational] Someone who never tells a #6 can be called this : HONEST

  • [Morph] Replace #7's "bird's home" with "oneself" : HOME

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