Word Craze Level 226

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Word Craze 226

  • What post-apocalyptic movie is this? : MADMAX

  • The last name of the actor who originally portrayed #1 : GIBSON

  • What is a person who plays this game called? : BOWLER

  • Injury caused by excessive exposure to daylight : SUNBURN

  • "Harry Potter and the ______ of Fire", the 4th novel in the saga : GOBLET

  • US state of volcanic islands : HAWAII

  • Greeting in #6 : ALOHA

  • Container made by weaving together reeds, or straw : BASKET

  • Don't put all of your ____ in one #8, they say : EGGS

  • These keep your hands warm in winter : GLOVES

  • This type of #10 had been popularized by Madonna and Billy Idol in the 1980's : FINGERLESS

  • What indicative verb does this represent? : DENOTE

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