Word Craze Level 228

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Word Craze 228

  • Expression; it can spoil the bunch : BADAPPLE

  • Production facility for beer : BREWERY

  • This was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic : ICEBERG

  • Traffic anger, in other words : ROADRAGE

  • Something that is passed on genetically from parent to child is this : HEREDITY

  • The height of an object in relation to sea or ground level : ALTITUDE

  • When people make the moral choice, they are said take the ____ ____ : HIGHROAD

  • What football foul is this? : OFFSIDES

  • One who has been hired by a business : EMPLOYEE

  • A medicinal cream applied to the skin : OINTMENT

  • A prestigious sporting event that has a logo with 5 rings : OLYMPICS

  • What is this rare gemstone? : SAPPHIRE

  • Long French bread; often found sticking out of paper grocery bags : BAGUETTE

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