Word Craze Level 237

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Word Craze 237

  • This Cleveland-based NBA team drafted LeBron James first overall in 2003 : CAVALIERS

  • Handheld cone-shaped device for amplifying your voice : MEGAPHONE

  • What is stoppage to fighting? : CEASEFIRE

  • An article from a publication that expresses the opinions of its editors : EDITORIAL

  • A formal termination of a marriage after which the marriage is considered to have not existed : ANNULMENT

  • French phrase meaning "that's life" : CESTLAVIE

  • The art of cocktail preparation and drink combinations : MIXOLOGY

  • Final physical good after the manufacturing process : PRODUCT

  • The "skeleton" of sleeping furniture; what a mattress rests on : BEDFRAME

  • Transylvania is located in this European country : ROMANIA

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