Word Craze Level 240

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Word Craze 240

  • What kind of bouncer is this? : SPRINGBOARD

  • Comic actor who starred in "Tropic Thunder", "Zoolander", and "Night at the Museum" : BENSTILLER

  • This actor starred alongside #2 in "Zoolander" : OWENWILSON

  • What character is missing from the second picture? : SANTACLAUS

  • #4 doesn't leave gifts for kids who are this list : NAUGHTY

  • What is this board game? : BACKGAMMON

  • Number below the line in a fraction : DENOMINATOR

  • This can be found over #7 : NUMERATOR

  • A sandy bathroom for cats and other types of pets : LITTERBOX

  • "You sunk my ______" in this strategic guessing game : BATTLESHIP

  • Looking back, it's 20/20 : HINDSIGHT

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