Word Craze Level 244

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Word Craze 244

  • Large orange fruits carved for Halloween : PUMPKINS

  • Coney Island is located in this New York City borough : BROOKLYN

  • The length of a bird's "arms" measured from tip to tip : WINGSPAN

  • What is this amenity found in coffee shops? : FREEWIFI

  • Baseball players who are positioned behind the home plate : CATCHERS

  • In mathematics, the ________ value ignores the negative sign: |-9| = 9 : ABSOLUTE

  • To drive a hard _______; to be very determined to get a favorable deal : BARGAIN

  • What is this captive state? : ENCAGED

  • How you might feel if you haven't drank anything for a while : THIRSTY

  • A surprisingly spacious women's accessory carried on a strap : HANDBAG

  • From whom one is descended : ANCESTOR

  • What is this slideshow app? : KEYNOTE

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