Word Craze Level 260

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Word Craze 260

  • US battery brand with a copper-colored top : DURACELL

  • A small folded booklet used to present simple information : PAMPHLET

  • What is this bird? : FLAMINGO

  • Annual multi-genre entertainment convention held in San Diego : COMICCON

  • Where is she conducting her business? : SEASHORE

  • "Sonic the _______", 2020 film about a famous blue video game hero : HEDGEHOG

  • Another name for coriander; some say it tastes like soap : CILANTRO

  • An element of an artistic work that has been overused and lost its original impact : CLICHE

  • The most famous and widely used cryptocurrency : BITCOIN

  • In Jeopardy, you need to ring this to get a chance to answer a question : BUZZER

  • One can't compare these to apples : ORANGES

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