Word Craze Level 261

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Word Craze 261

  • Breakfast beverage and alternative to tea for many Americans : COFFEE

  • The compound found in #1 and tea that energizes : CAFFEINE

  • Animated feature like "Futurama" or "SpongeBob Squarepants" : CARTOON

  • 1999 #3 created by Matt Groening that depicts life in the year 3,000 : FUTURAMA

  • Do this to render something harmless : DEFANG

  • Like a piano, but electronic : KEYBOARD

  • The first 6 letters on a computer's #6 : QWERTY

  • Unfortunate competitors who may only get a participation trophy : LOSERS

  • In competitions, there are #8 and these : WINNERS

  • Professional who grows crops and manages livestock : FARMER

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