Word Craze Level 272

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Word Craze 272

  • The Golden _______ Awards are the Oscars for bad movies : RASPBERRY

  • An exercise machine that allows its user to run long distances in small places : TREADMILL

  • These might fall from your eyes : TEARDROPS

  • A company that makes hard liquor : DISTILLERY

  • Marvel genius who built an iconic suit in a cave, with a box of scraps : TONYSTARK

  • Sparkling wine used in celebrations : CHAMPAGNE

  • Natural or artificial substances that improve plant growth : FERTILIZER

  • What candy does this represent? : LEMONDROP

  • An athlete that does not have a team : FREEAGENT

  • Neil _________ predates Michael Jackson as the pioneer of the moonwalk : ARMSTRONG

  • What is this parrot breed? : COCKATOO

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