Word Craze Level 276

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Word Craze 276

  • SI unit for a billion watts : GIGAWATT

  • To undo a fastener by twisting : UNSCREW

  • _______ wear is worn when one is working out or playing sports : ATHLETIC

  • What is this act of showing dissatisfaction? : COMPLAIN

  • To place things in a specific order : ARRANGE

  • Actions made in error : MISTAKES

  • Weather condition where dark clouds cover a majority of the sky : OVERCAST

  • The _______ Tower of Pisa is a medieval-era building in Italy : LEANING

  • In Greek mythology, the afterlife for the righteous; also, the title of Blomkamp's 2013 sci-fi film : ELYSIUM

  • An option for couples who can't have children : ADOPTION

  • What type of nut is this? : PISTACHIO

  • Potential buyers can see the property during this period : OPENHOUSE

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