Word Craze Level 284

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Word Craze 284

  • Harry ______, a legendary escape artist and illusionist : HOUDINI

  • Mythical winged horse : PEGASUS

  • What sanctified liquid does this represent? : HOLYWATER

  • Skateboard with two wheels and a handlebar : SCOOTER

  • Game similar to baseball but with a larger ball pitched underhand : SOFTBALL

  • _______ law governs the use of the sea : MARITIME

  • A whale or other cetacean's equivalent to a nostril : BLOWHOLE

  • What is this collection of bones? : SKELETON

  • Minty lozenge for clearing a scratchy throat : COUGHDROP

  • Electronic confirmation of your booking on a flight : ETICKET

  • What is this disrespectful attitude? : FLIPPANT

  • Series of black lines that can be scanned to get product information : BARCODE

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