Word Craze Level 300

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Word Craze 300

  • Ocean creature with a long, sharp nose resembling a blade : SWORDFISH

  • These Boys made hits like “I Want it That Way" : BACKSTREET

  • Barbara ________, US actress and singer : STREISAND

  • Computer, telecommunication device, and camera all in one : SMARTPHONE

  • Famous US fast food restaurant that sells the Big Mac; "Golden Arches" : MCDONALDS

  • Huge, deep-sea creature with ten tentacles; natural enemy of the sperm whale : GIANTSQUID

  • What is this calculation method? : LONGDIVISION

  • Itchy childhood sickness : CHICKENPOX

  • Signature saying; "Live long and prosper," for Spock : CATCHPHRASE

  • Modern successor to the abacus : CALCULATOR

  • Top Olympic runner who is as fast as his name : USAINBOLT

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