Word Craze Level 312

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Word Craze 312

  • 1981 American heavy metal band with hits like "Fade to Black" and "Nothing Else Matters" : METALLICA

  • The capital of Sweden : STOCKHOLM

  • This yellow Transformer got his own movie in 2018 : BUMBLEBEE

  • A golden ticket gets you a tour of this man's chocolate factory : WILLYWONKA

  • Alternative medicine procedure where one is poked with needles : ACUPUNCTURE

  • What is this Italian food? : STROMBOLI

  • Weapon used by Jedi in Star Wars : LIGHTSABER

  • What is this money gifting sprite? : TOOTHFAIRY

  • Franklin D. _________, POTUS during WW2 : ROOSEVELT

  • A ____ ___ ____ is running out of a restaurant without paying the bill : DINEANDDASH

  • Tower containing a beacon light to guide ships at sea : LIGHTHOUSE

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