Word Craze Level 331

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Word Craze 331

  • Genre of film that Michael Bay is known for; often features explosions and shootouts : ACTION

  • MIA stands for _______ In #1 : MISSING

  • Has something going right through it : PIERCED

  • Lower part of the the hearing organ that commonly gets #3 : EARLOBE

  • The "Knights of the _____ Table" were members of King Arthur's fellowship : ROUND

  • What fabric was used to make these? : DENIM

  • The language you could found written in Rhodes, Corfu, and fraternities : GREEK

  • Oily fish is a good source of _____-3; a letter of the #7 alphabet : OMEGA

  • Home state of Area 51 : NEVADA

  • "What happens in _____ stays in _____"; popular tourist city in #9 : VEGAS

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