Word Craze Level 335

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Word Craze 335

  • Lacking consideration for others : SELFISH

  • A common aquatic pet that supposedly has a short memory : GOLDFISH

  • "Done on their ______", meaning done in place of someone else : BEHALF

  • Occurring within a country's borders; not foreign or international : DOMESTIC

  • The time when the sun is in the direct center of the equator; occurs twice a year : EQUINOX

  • To plug in your phone and restore battery power : CHARGE

  • The ________ wheel is used to control a vehicle : STEERING

  • Small pasta envelopes containing ground meat, cheese, or vegetables : RAVIOLI

  • Types of dogs; German shepherds, pitbulls, and hounds are all different ____ : BREEDS

  • Prince Charming wakes up Sleeping ______ with a kiss : BEAUTY

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