Word Craze Level 338

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Word Craze 338

  • Type of story or lore that's fictitious, like a unicorn : MYTHICAL

  • A #1 city said to be beneath the sea : ATLANTIS

  • What body part does this represent? : EYELID

  • Someone or something from Seoul or Pyongyang, for example : KOREAN

  • Spicy #4 staple usually made with fermented cabbage or radish : KIMCHI

  • "________!" is a 1980's parody film occurring around aviation : AIRPLANE

  • Boeing's European rival in the commercial #6 market : AIRBUS

  • Money or goods given towards a cause for free : DONATION

  • The Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific are examples of these : OCEANS

  • The southernmost of all #9 : ARCTIC

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