Word Craze Level 340

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Word Craze 340

  • A liquid food that you can spell words in : ALPHABETSOUP

  • The order in which a series of events happened : CHRONOLOGY

  • What is this hazard? : QUICKSAND

  • The final part of a joke, where the twist is revealed : PUNCHLINE

  • A contingency in case things go awry : BACKUPPLAN

  • A common bedtime phrase : SWEETDREAMS

  • ________ times call for _________ measures : DESPERATE

  • Machine used to rinse and clean used dinnerware : DISHWASHER

  • Publications that feature panels and word balloons : COMICBOOK

  • What is this alien activity? : ABDUCTION

  • Australian animals with a pouch and a long tail : KANGAROOS

  • The nightmarish Freddy Krueger took his victims from this road : ELMSTREET

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