Word Craze Level 347

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Word Craze 347

  • Jason ______, a fictional CIA assassin played by Matt Damon : BOURNE

  • The "______ of Secrets" is the second Harry Potter book : CHAMBER

  • What is this tool used by a judge? : GAVEL

  • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, _______, Golf : FOXTROT

  • The NFL team for Philadelphia; iconic birds for the US : EAGLES

  • In medicine, the _______ effect can cause "fake" treatments to have a therapeutic effect : PLACEBO

  • The stage of prenatal development before the fetus : EMBRYO

  • Helsinki is the capital of this European country : FINLAND

  • Term for the group of indigenous peoples inhabiting arctic Canada, Alaska, and Greenland : INUIT

  • Sweet and sticky fluid contained in beehives : HONEY

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