Word Craze Level 349

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Word Craze 349

  • Move upward; rise : ASCEND

  • The Three _______ was a US slapstick comedy group consisting of Larry, Curly, and Moe : STOOGES

  • Cylindrical support structure; pillar : COLUMN

  • "Your _______" is a form of address for royalty of the highest rank : MAJESTY

  • What is this slow animal? : SLOTH

  • Cook hired to provide food at an event : CATERER

  • Another word for fashion or fad : TREND

  • _____ Mars released the song "Marry You" in 2011 : BRUNO

  • Popular breakfast treat, usually served with maple syrup : PANCAKE

  • Che _______ was a popular Cuban revolutionary : GUEVARA

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