Word Craze Level 353

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Word Craze 353

  • Afternoon performance of a play; don't confuse with the sea cow : MATINEE

  • __ ___, no foul : NOHARM

  • To fixate on events of the past : DWELL

  • Peanut butter cups in an orange package : REESES

  • Comes in packages of 10 while the buns come in packages of 8 : HOTDOGS

  • A wheeled stretcher used to transport patients : GURNEY

  • To come up with thoughts and ideas : THINK

  • At 828 meters, the Burj ___ is the world's tallest building : KHALIFA

  • Goods that need to be moved, often by truck, ship, or airplane : CARGO

  • The invisible line that separates the hemispheres : EQUATOR

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