Word Craze Level 356

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Word Craze 356

  • Chewy sweet that you can inflate : BUBBLEGUM

  • School event, usually with at least a few baking soda volcanos : SCIENCEFAIR

  • What is this audio device? : EARPHONES

  • All-present, all-seeing dictator of "1984"; he's watching you : BIGBROTHER

  • Friday the _____, horror classic : THIRTEENTH

  • Expression; to study hard : HITTHEBOOKS

  • Something used to motivate or encourage a specific action : INCENTIVE

  • Inspirational phrase given by a cat poster : HANGINTHERE

  • Turn these on when driving at night : HEADLIGHTS

  • Of or relating to the sky, space, or the heavens : CELESTIAL

  • Expression; student who tries to make their fellows laugh : CLASSCLOWN

  • Inking permanent pictures or words on the skin : TATTOOING

  • Classic 1,000+ page novel by Leo Tolstoy : WARANDPEACE

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