Word Craze Level 367

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Word Craze 367

  • A working class person who performs manual labor : BLUECOLLAR

  • Jamaican religious movement founded in the 1930s : RASTAFARI

  • What phrase does this represent? : BEHINDBARS

  • On a balance sheet, assets = _________ + equity : LIABILITIES

  • Batman actor who starred in "Good Will Hunting" and "Gone Girl" : BENAFFLECK

  • Students often ____ _____ in class so they can review them later : TAKENOTES

  • __________ information can only be accessed with a security clearance : CLASSIFIED

  • What is this antique style of tape? : EIGHTTRACK

  • This legendary boxer said "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" : MUHAMMADALI

  • Bugs Bunny's catchphrase : WHATSUPDOC

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