Word Craze Level 380

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Word Craze 380

  • What type of event is this? : BABYSHOWER

  • This kind of product is processed and wrapped before reaching consumers : PREPACKAGED

  • Elderly people may wear these to replace their lost chompers : FALSETEETH

  • Expression; a "___________ sword" is something that both helps and hurts : DOUBLEEDGED

  • Discussion intended to reach a mutually beneficial agreement : NEGOTIATION

  • What is this flying insect? : DRAGONFLY

  • Fear of heights : ACROPHOBIA

  • Chewing gum from the 50s that came with a comic strip featuring the eponymous eye-patched child : BAZOOKAJOE

  • Regular guy, everyman, nobody special : AVERAGEJOE

  • Beach-dwelling invertebrate with one claw that is larger than the other : FIDDLERCRAB

  • Popular US fast food joint named the same as a vintage toy : JACKINTHEBOX

  • Web-like woven charm, supposedly for trapping nightmares : DREAMCATCHER

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