Word Craze Level 381

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Word Craze 381

  • What kind of store is this? : RETAIL

  • Post-drying laundry task; surrendering your cards in poker : FOLDING

  • #2 clothes will create these lines : CREASES

  • Black and white _______ can be found on a zebra : STRIPES

  • This sportswear giant has a logo featuring three #4 : ADIDAS

  • Reached a destination : ARRIVED

  • Taking a trip : TRAVELLING

  • #7 show of performers and animals under the "big top" : CIRCUS

  • The ____ Sea is an extremely salty lake in the Middle East with little life in it : DEAD

  • Spirits of the #9 who may rattle chains : GHOSTS

  • What is being measured? : LENGTH

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