Word Craze Level 388

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Word Craze 388

  • What is this action? : FLUSH

  • The sequence of events in a story : PLOT

  • A small, portable personal computer : LAPTOP

  • Chemical used to remove stains from clothes : BLEACH

  • To be present at an event : ATTEND

  • A group of ships or other vessels : FLEET

  • What is this kind of bird? : LARK

  • In the US, this graduation cap part is moved from the right to the left : TASSEL

  • Word; to fix something in place by partially burying it : EMBED

  • A meal that's part lunch and part breakfast : BRUNCH

  • The _____ War took place in the 1950s between the North and South : KOREAN

  • Money or property given to another by will; inheritance : LEGACY

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