Word Craze Level 393

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Word Craze 393

  • This often forms on leaves and grass in freezing temperatures : HOARFROST

  • You might say this when leaving someone's company : FAREWELL

  • Type of dance that was popularized in the film "Footloose" : LINEDANCE

  • US civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on the bus : ROSAPARKS

  • A deck used for fortune telling : TAROTCARDS

  • Used to clean spills; comes on a roll : PAPERTOWEL

  • Professional who loans out books and keeps their place of business quiet; shh! : LIBRARIAN

  • Bathing implement that sprays water from above : SHOWERHEAD

  • Michelangelo was born in the _______ century : FIFTEENTH

  • This person writes articles for newspapers, magazines, and other media for publishing : JOURNALIST

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