Word Craze Level 396

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Word Craze 396

  • Underwater craft that navigates using sonar : SUBMARINE

  • A person who conveys beliefs and opinions that he or she doesn't practice : HYPOCRITE

  • What makeup effect is this? : EYESHADOW

  • A CEO is the Chief _________ Officer : EXECUTIVE

  • Going down this street might be nostalgic : MEMORYLANE

  • What type of passage is this? : DRAWBRIDGE

  • Clothing that is very, very snug is described this way : SKINTIGHT

  • Buying and selling commodities in different markets to take advantage of price differences : ARBITRAGE

  • Printed way to read about worldly happenings : NEWSPAPER

  • Without preparation or rehearsal : IMPROMPTU

  • Comes before "junior high", my dear Watson : ELEMENTARY

  • Don't look it in the mouth! : GIFTHORSE

  • Giant pandas were this until 2016 : ENDANGERED

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