Word Craze Level 400

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Word Craze 400

  • What is this vehicle called? : HOVERCRAFT

  • Tentacled ocean critter with a mushroom cap; maybe they go well with peanut butter? : JELLYFISH

  • A "100% money-back ______" means if you're not satisfied with a product, you can get a refund : GUARANTEE

  • Integers which are not divisible by two : ODDNUMBERS

  • Extend one of these as an offer of peace : OLIVEBRANCH

  • Citizens of the easternmost country in Africa are called _________ : SOMALIANS

  • What is this fantastical story? : FAIRYTALE

  • Italian pasta dish with a white creamy egg sauce and bacon : CARBONARA

  • A famous Yellowstone geyser named for its predictability : OLDFAITHFUL

  • What is this observation instrument? : PERISCOPE

  • Breaking from convention; not conforming to a norm : UNORTHODOX

  • Christopher Columbus (among others) __________ America : DISCOVERED

  • Punctuation mark; a combination of the question mark and the exclamation point : INTERROBANG

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