Word Craze Level 430

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Word Craze 430

  • Scientist who studies human behavior and supply and demand : ECONOMIST

  • Propelling something through the air using arm strength : THROWING

  • What photo angle is this? : PROFILE

  • Gradual hair loss : THINNING

  • _______ Hawking was a prominent English theoretical physicist : STEPHEN

  • ________ Gadget is a cybernetically-enhanced police officer fighting against M.A.D. : INSPECTOR

  • Large reptile often confused with its relative, the alligator : CROCODILE

  • A non-local staying at a destination on vacation : TOURIST

  • A person who researches and writes about past events and people : HISTORIAN

  • “The ______ Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne was one of the first mass-produced books in the US : SCARLET

  • The FBI is the ______ Bureau of Investigation : FEDERAL

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