Word Craze Level 436

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Word Craze 436

  • Jack _________ is a US actor who starred in "A Few Good Men" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" : NICHOLSON

  • Outdoor grill used for cooking meat and vegetables : BARBECUE

  • What is this magic ball made out of? : CRYSTAL

  • Place where doctors and nurses work : HOSPITAL

  • UI design focuses on the layout of the user ______ : INTERFACE

  • What kind of chair does this represent? : BEANBAG

  • The _______ sisters are both Tennis champions : WILLIAMS

  • Musical style that uses vocals without any instruments : ACAPPELLA

  • Island found in San Francisco Bay that holds a famous prison turned tourist site : ALCATRAZ

  • What is this action? : INFLATE

  • One of the geologic periods within the Mesozoic Era : JURASSIC

  • The release of electricity : DISCHARGE

  • An off-brand product is called this : GENERIC

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