Word Craze Level 447

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Word Craze 447

  • These hustlers make money playing billiards : POOLSHARKS

  • Deodorant applied here : UNDERARM

  • Decomposing or breaking down : DECAYING

  • Brightest of a car's headlights : HIGHBEAM

  • Expressing one's feelings in speech : SPEAKING

  • Type of book where one should paint within the lines : COLORING

  • What is she asking for? : AUTOGRAPH

  • To greet someone with this is to greet them eagerly and warmly : OPENARMS

  • Goes too far : OVERDOESIT

  • Book of drawing paper : SKETCHPAD

  • Like a one-day forecast : SHORTRANGE

  • To support a cause or speak in support of another person : ADVOCATE

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