Word Craze Level 45

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Word Craze 45

  • To wrap one's head around; to comprehend : UNDERSTAND

  • Disney franchise by George Lucas : STARWARS

  • The family name of Luke, Anakin, and Leia in the #2 franchise : SKYWALKER

  • What is this office supply? : PAPERWEIGHT

  • In film, the art of using slightly altered frames in sequence to create the illusion of movement : ANIMATION

  • US #5 studio of "Shrek" and "How to Train Your Dragon" : DREAMWORKS

  • One who works for a company : EMPLOYEE

  • A #7's career advancement that usually comes with a raise : PROMOTION

  • What is this touching feeling? : HEARTWARMING

  • Before joining the Miami Heat, LeBron James played for the _______ Cavaliers : CLEVELAND

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