Word Craze Level 452

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Word Craze 452

  • What light-up display does this represent? : SCREEN

  • One who breaks into the house for theft : BURGLAR

  • Type of system designed to deter a #2 : SECURITY

  • Paleontology is the study of these remains : FOSSILS

  • #4 are most commonly associated with these ancient animals : DINOSAURS

  • One of the world's bestselling peanut butter brands with the tagline "_______! Yippee!" : SKIPPY

  • The main character of the 1967 Australian TV show named "#6" was this iconic animal : KANGAROO

  • Place where animal hides are dyed or colored : TANNERY

  • The product of a #8 : LEATHER

  • What is this skillful form of competitive horse riding? : DRESSAGE

  • What type of flowers are these? : DAISIES

  • An alternative method of getting takeout that doesn't require one to go to the store : DELIVERY

  • Before a letter is ready for #12, you may need to paste some of these on the envelope : STAMPS

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