Word Craze Level 459

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Word Craze 459

  • A _______ card is a computer part that improves visual performance : GRAPHICS

  • What gigantic fish will this union produce? : WHALESHARK

  • Medical device that ensures your heart beats at a steady rhythm : PACEMAKER

  • What peaceful activity is this woman doing? : MEDITATING

  • A first year student in college or high school : FRESHMAN

  • The opposite of easy; hard : DIFFICULT

  • Soft, tight-fitting leg wear worn by women : PANTYHOSE

  • Cadillac's SUV brand : ESCALADE

  • Actor who played Forrest Gump and Mr. Rogers : TOMHANKS

  • There are ten centuries in one ___________ : MILLENNIUM

  • In English, the class of words used to modify nouns : ADJECTIVES

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