Word Craze Level 466

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Word Craze 466

  • Stretched vehicle allowing for a lounge-style experience on wheels : LIMOUSINE

  • G.O.A.T stands for "____ Of All Time" : GREATEST

  • First name of the boxer often called "The #2" : MUHAMMAD

  • What kind of calculator is this? : SCIENTIFIC

  • "________ to Heaven", Led Zeppelin's most famous single : STAIRWAY

  • Protecting guards put on both sides of a #5 : RAILINGS

  • What object is she bouncing off of? : TRAMPOLINE

  • Round candy on the end of a stick : LOLLIPOP

  • The ________ were an all-female quartet who sang #8 : CHORDETTES

  • Avril Lavigne's 2007 hit that goes "Hey! Hey! You! You!" : GIRLFRIEND

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