Word Craze Level 469

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Word Craze 469

  • What instrument is this child playing? : TAMBOURINE

  • Measure of how many people like something or someone : POPULARITY

  • The ___________ of Independence proclaimed USA's desire for independence : DECLARATION

  • Mythical figure whose touch turned things to gold, sadly : KINGMIDAS

  • You must meet a height ___________ to ride certain rollercoasters : REQUIREMENT

  • Professional who records financial transactions : BOOKKEEPER

  • Formal speech usually given with a visual aid; common school assignment : PRESENTATION

  • Divisions of an organization; e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing : DEPARTMENTS

  • What is the "ball" used in this sport? : SHUTTLECOCK

  • Someone who practices a skill for a living; opposite of amateur : PROFESSIONAL

  • To cook sugary foods until they turn a rich brown : CARAMELIZE

  • What is this type of painting? : SELFPORTRAIT

  • AI stands for "Artificial _______" : INTELLIGENCE

  • "____________ Cop" is a 1990's Schwarzenegger film about an undercover cop teaching children : KINDERGARTEN

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